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Eserv has been working with a major North-Sea operator to carry out inspections and pitting measurements of pressure equipment, leveraging accurate 3D visual data with desktop data analytics.

Inspections and pitting measurements of pressure equipment are typically undertaken manually with material loss obtained at disparate points with profilometers or NDT thickness gauges. This process of obtaining determining material loss is:

* Time/resource-intensive

* Prone to infield measurement error

* Subjective with measurement locations dictated by the inspector

* Not repeatable as manual measurements are difficult to replicate

Eserv using rapid 3D visual data capture methods provides a fast, accurate, objective, and simplified approach for measuring the surface topology of pressure equipment. Analysis of the data and comparison with as-built design models provides a means of mapping out material loss over the observable surface of pressure equipment. This process is highly efficient and scalable across an entire asset, this allows both maximum and average material loss on a component to be determined.

“If an inspector at a desk in Aberdeen can make the same statement from viewing the model, (supported by AI Algorithm Corrosion identification) then we can prove a significant cost saving on both vessel and piping system GVI inspections”

North Sea operator representative

Whether it’s across commercial, design, integrity, maintenance and/or safety arenas, let AS-TEG™ take your data to the max for a single function or for multiple ones.


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