Digital twin technology for integrity teams

Stay on top of your assets integrity backlog by streamlining workflows through our 3D digital twin

AS-TEG™ allows users to project asset inspection data into an as-built 3D digital twin environment, providing a comprehensive overview of current inspection, repair and overhaul schedules to remotely screen and strategically re-prioritise.

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How can AS-TEG™ enhance your integrity department?

Regular inspection and monitoring are crucial to promptly detect and address any integrity issues. Having a 3D digital twin working with your integrity management database enables fully informed, proactive inspection and maintenance decisions to improve safety, reduce asset downtime, and lower asset management costs.

Visualise integrity data in a 3D as-built model and make it more actionable by pinpointing priority areas using our head map and tagging tools

Optimise your inspection schedules in 3D to detect vulnerabilities early and mitigate the risk of unexpected failures

Build visual inspection models to track changing conditions and strategically manage fabric maintenance activities

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AS-TEG™ has transformed the way our clients approach asset integrity. With its advanced integration capabilities with any integrity management database (IMD), we can provide the asset integrity and engineering functions with a fully comprehensive as-built 3D digital representation, synchronised with the latest inspection data, enabling the asset to effectively monitor and manage the integrity backlog to ensure they are compliant with safety regulations and helping lower costs by streamlining workflows into engineering for repair and overhaul.

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Barry McLean
Project Manager - Technical Focal Point

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A simple process to create your digital twin

  1. Step 1


    From the beginning, our aim is to understand the goals and requirements of your business, alongside learning more about the scope of your integrity projects and assets.

  2. Step 2

    Consolidate 3D spatial and design data

    There are two main options to consolidate data for your asset: our team can either visit your site and laser scan it, or you can provide the existing data accumulated over the years.

  3. Step 3

    Develop digital twin

    After we have collected the relevant information, our in-house digital assets team will then begin building your digital twin and complete this within a matter of weeks. This includes UI configuration and customisation to ensure it suits your workflow requirements and integrates with your existing systems.

  4. Step 4


    Once you are ready to take the next step and launch, our team will carry out onboarding and training sessions with your team, ensuring everyone is fully equipped to use the system and reap the benefits of your new digital twin.

  5. Step 5

    Ongoing support

    As you work alongside eserv, you will be assigned a dedicated member of our team to help support your integrity team. This may involve hosting a monthly meeting to conduct demos, answer questions, highlight new product features and more

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