Digital twin technology for engineering teams

Streamline your engineering project delivery without on-site presence

From early FEED through to design and installation, a digital twin can enable your team to access very accurate asset data across the lifecycle of your engineering project.

Discover eserv’s AS-TEG™ platform and how your engineering team can get value…

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How can AS-TEG™ enhance your engineering workflows?

Unlocking your ability to conduct survey and inspection work remotely from a desktop, without having to visit the asset in-person, a digital twin is a no-brainer for our offshore and onshore operating clients...

Benefit from 100% data accuracy at the click of a button, and remove the risk of human error

Achieve significant cost savings, allowing clients to spend budget elsewhere

Speed up your project by eliminating the need to travel, and instead access data remotely

Reduce your project’s environmental impact by minimising the onsite carbon footprint and associated travel

Have a single source of truth for all of your asset’s data to enhance collaboration and streamline processes

Enhance training and prepare for projects remotely

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AS-TEG™ is the ultimate tool for desktop engineering. This digital twin has many features that nearly eliminates the need for site visits, breaking the old school cycle of continuous mobilisations.

“From being able to immediately react to pipe failures to taking major projects from FEED through to detail design, it can be a 3D digital tool kit for inspection, survey and engineering needs.

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Nathan Jack
Project Manager - Product Focal Point

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A simple process to create your digital twin

  1. Step 1


    From the outset, we want to understand your specific wants and needs, as well as learn about your asset and engineering work.

  2. Step 2

    Scan your asset or gather asset data

    We can either visit and laser scan your asset, or you can provide existing data built up over the years to consolidate.

  3. Step 3

    Develop digital twin

    With the information collected, our in-house digital assets team will build your digital twin within weeks, as well as customise it to suit your team’s specific requirements and integrate it with your existing systems.

  4. Step 4


    When ready to launch, our team will conduct onboarding and training sessions with your team - ensuring you are fully equipped to use and get value from your new digital twin

  5. Step 5

    Ongoing support

    You will have a dedicated focal point within eserv to support your engineering team. This typically includes regular sessions to conduct demos, answer questions, showcase new features and more.

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