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Remote Engineering and Integrity Workflows Saves Operator £720k in One Year

FPSO Integrity

Ensuring the integrity of offshore assets presents several critical challenges. Regular inspection and monitoring are crucial to promptly detect and address any issues promptly to ensure the long-term integrity of offshore assets, minimise the risk of incidents, maintain safety standards, and optimise operational efficiency.

During two planned shutdowns, our FPSO operating client’s engineering function used eserv's AS-TEG™ digital twin software to carry out dimensional control surveys on everything from minor repair orders to complete system replacements without needing specialist survey teams to visit the site in person, expediting a reduction in the critical integrity backlog and visually pre-planning all construction activities to minimise downtime.

The integrity function also used AS-TEG™ to generate over 400 inspection isometrics remotely, eliminating configuration errors on the as-built drawings and streamlined the onsite inspection process. They also used the spatial data to remotely screen and strategically re-prioritise the inspection plan, further streamlining the onsite inspection process.

AS-TEG™ proved instrumental in helping the operator resolve bed space challenges and work through the critical integrity backlog much faster, saving the operator over £720,000 in one year on survey costs and eliminating 300 offshore days. All made possible by leveraging the capabilities of AS-TEG™.

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