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North-east 3D technology specialists target expansion into new markets

A leading 3D technology specialist is investing a six-figure sum into the research and development of new capabilities to allow them to expand into the subsea sector.

Aberdeen-based Eserv’s decision to drive the business into new sectors comes on the heels of a successful 2020 which saw their AS-TEG™ solution adopted by 11 operators and now scaled across over 20 topsides offshore production assets. Eserv have a technology focus to revolutionise the energy industry, developing and deploying interactive and intelligent 3D computer vision digital twins combined with powerful data analytics. AS-TEG™ supports the increasing demand to transition traditionally onsite personnel to remote working capabilities, resulting in improved integrity and safety for critical infrastructure associated with offshore assets.

Eserv have begun 2021 strongly entering into a number of new multi-year agreements, as well as retaining all existing contracts, suggesting significant confidence in the technology and data-led solutions moving forward.

Andy Freeman, who previously held positions as Inspection Manager for various ROV specialist, joined the business in late 2020 and will head up the research and development project and subsequent subsea technology service delivery.

Andy Freeman (Technology Project Lead) said: “For the last 6 years Eserv has worked hard to develop AS-TEG™, establishing itself as the market leader in the provision of a non-proprietary, 3-dimensional data management solution for the energy sector.

A transformative digital solution that allows offshore asset owners to take control of their critical asset integrity data, presenting it in a unified 3D as-built model via the internet and facilitating access to the entire business.

As the energy sector transitions towards renewables, with an emphasis on both fixed and floating wind farms, Eserv recognizes that there is a requirement to not only reduce annual inspection costs but standardise a new way of working within the digital transformation space to improve asset integrity management and reduce the environmental costs of offshore energy production.

Eserv looks forward to working with current and new clients across the full range of energy sectors to help them address these challenges and make the UK the world leader in clean energy.”

Andy Freeman
Andy Freeman - Technology Project Lead

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