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Eserv Welcomes Three New Trainee Engineers

Three new trainee engineers

We are thrilled to announce the addition of three exceptional graduate engineers to our training program: Ross Findlay, Jordan Ramsay, and Michael Miller.

Ross and Jordan, with their impressive skills and passion for innovation, will join our technical support team utilising our cutting-edge proprietary digital twin software, AS-TEG™. These digital twins will serve as invaluable tools for extracting crucial client 3D spatial data for various engineering and integrity workflows.

Meanwhile, Michael Miller, will build his experience working in the digital assets team, which includes onsite 3D data capture, processing and assimilating vital information into the AS-TEG™ platform.

As part of our comprehensive training program, all three trainees will work closely with our in-house software development team. This will enable them to contribute directly to the development process, taking part in beta testing of new innovative features, refining and enhancing our software.

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