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Eserv have moved office!

Eserv have moved into a new premise on 18 Carden Place in the West End of Aberdeen. Accommodating up to 40 employees, it adopts an impressive design, with digital functionality in mind. We believe this environment will inspire both our employees and clients to take eserv to the next level.

We felt there was no better time than during this transition to reveal our new company logo. As the company grows from strength to strength, we feel it is paramount to adopt a logo that reflects our values and the direction we are moving in.

The creation of a new logo was not taken lightly; it had to compliment the vision of the eserv brand and all that we stand for. The concept that stood out to us during development was the digital eye. The eye perfectly captures eserv’s visionary outlook, our attention to detail and the overseeing nature of what we do.

Next, we included data points in the pupil, representing the capabilities of our technology. We then had to come up with a colour scheme that would also be reflective of the company values and ethos. We chose the stimulating colours of electric blue, a bright orange and gold. Orange: highlighting the enthusiasm, creativity and determination of the team. Blue: to signify expertise and trust. The gold for the outer ring of the pupil is symbolic of the value, excellence and quality that we strive for.

Finally: It was decided that we would change ‘eserve International’ to ‘eserv’, as the company transitions into this new stage of the journey. We feel there is strength in the simplicity of a shorter title, and that we can move forward with a slick and professional brand that is reflective of who we are.

This logo marks the start of a wider rebranding process over the coming months. We look forward to showing our clients the new face of eserv, as well as our new premises in the West End, as we transition into this new phase of the company.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and Scottish Enterprise for the continuous support.

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