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AS-TEG™ Reduces Decommissioning Surveys by 60%

Decommissioning offshore assets presents several complex challenges. One of the primary issues is the vast amount of scattered design and survey data, often stored in different formats, by different vendors and in different locations.

A major North Sea operator approached eserv with the need to consolidate these disparate data sources and implement a workflow for their decommissioning activities on two offshore oil rigs. Their goal was to understand the location of pipework high and low points and potential areas for trapped fumes while also developing a cost-efficient solution to streamline decommissioning engineering activities.

Eserv used its AS-TEG™ platform to consolidate and contextualise the historical data from multiple vendors. AS-TEG™ provided a comprehensive digital twin of both assets, helping the client and third-party vendors to identify high and low points and determine where drains and vents were required. The decommissioning manager used the intuitive user interface to track workflows and ensure the completion of all necessary jobs before flushing.

Approximately 60% of the planned surveys were avoided, resulting in significant savings in survey costs alone.

Removing the requirement for in-person site visits streamlined a number of our client's workflows. AS-TEG™ also provided advanced 3D visualisation capabilities to help users make factual-based decisions, not assumption-based decisions.

AS-TEG™ has enabled a capability that is revolutionising the execution of decommissioning projects and unlocking new levels of efficiency and informed decision-making.

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