Your data is a valuable
asset. Make the most of it.

Our primary focus is to help our clients use and trust data already available, to increase operational uptime.

Disorganised 3D engineering and integrity models lead to project inefficiency, repeat site visits, accumulative costs and increased safety risk. Eserv is eliminating those barriers through the use of technology and smart workflows to help build, control and maintain a versatile and widely used real-time 3D data set.

We’ve broken down barriers to simplify the management of engineering changes across offshore assets. Our unique platform ‘AS-TEG™’ enables as-designed and as-build data exchanges between asset owners, operators and EPC’s.

Our platform AS-TEG™ maximises efficiency.

  • REDUCEoffshore survey costs by 50%
  • AVOIDfailure to fit
  • CUTwork cycle times by half
  • LOWERinherent integrity and safety risk

Multiple datasets, different standard
causing a cumulative error.

Our technology was initially developed out of the need for labour-intensive and cost-intensive asset integrity projects and programmes to be redefined and managed in a better way.

It’s estimated that annual spend on visual, dimensional control and verification surveys in the UKCS is circa £75m, with approximately 5,000TB of data collected.

This posed a number of questions: where does the data go once it has been captured? How is it being stored? Who’s in control of the data? How is it being used again and again? Where’s the value? Is your data really working for you?

Independent, neutral and accessible.

Today the scope of AS-TEG™ is much broader. It’s able to integrate with other platforms as part of your business and digitalisation strategies.

We’ve created an independent, vendor neutral and accessible online platform for all as-designed and as-built data – a place where asset lifecycle information can be accessed and used more efficiently for commercial, engineering, integrity, maintenance and safety purposes.

We’re making data from disparate sources work better – and harder. And we’re protecting its long-term value by holding data in a universal file format, to allow operators to continuously move with new technology and workflows.

Eserv supports operators looking to derive maximum value from their as-built data.

We provide a single visualisation platform for asset lifecycle information: one that provides real-time updates to allow the operator and third-party contractors to view, manipulate and manage enriched asset data – all from a desktop in real-time 3D.

The platform gives multiple users access to synchronised information at the same time. It’s a collaborative, streamlined approached; one with efficiency at its core.